Buy Custom Luxury House Builders

Buy Custom Luxury House Builders

Do you want a high-end home or a custom home? Why not both? Luxury homes are a bit different than other custom homes since they use different materials and architectural elements that make them much more expensive than more basic homes, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to be done in a cost-effective way.

If you’ve always wondered what it’d be like to own a luxury custom home but don’t have any idea where to start, you can use the services of a custom luxury house builder and make your dreams come true. We’re a professional custom luxury home builder that specializes in bringing life to the home you never thought you’d own.

Our team of designers, architects, contractors, and project managers will work with you from concept to completion to ensure you get the right layout, size, and features in your luxury home. Our expertise allows us to build award-winning custom homes that deliver on all of our promises and exceed your expectations.

There’s no need to try to figure out the process of building a home on your own when you can buy custom luxury house builders services that take care of the planning, designing, building, and administrative work of a custom luxury home. Pretty cool, huh?

What Sets Us Apart as a Custom luxury Home Builder?

  • Initiative. We view every new custom home build as an opportunity to push the boundaries of luxury design, test our limits, and create something spectacular. We enjoy the challenge of trying to outdo ourselves with every new high-end custom build, and we take regular steps to improve our craft and expand our knowledge every year. We like to stay on top of luxury trends to ensure that we give you something stylish and unique.
  • Experience. We’ve worked on hundreds of high-end custom build projects and we understand all of the trends in high-end custom home design. Our decades of experience allow us to deliver extraordinary services and superior quality builds. Our tested and proven processes streamline every stage of the project and our experts work seamlessly together to deliver incomparable customer service.
  • Project Management. Our project managers work with you from concept to completion so that nothing falls through the cracks. Our detail-oriented style makes for amazing results and happy customers every single time. We handle the hiring and communication between different teams and specialties to ensure that the final product matches the approved design that matches your personal vision.
  • Stellar Quality. We only use the top experts and the best materials for the job. We don’t take shortcuts or skip steps to save time or money. Our reputation is built on delivering superior builds, and we remain consistent in our attempt to build the best home yet, every time. We pay attention to the smaller details to make sure we build the perfect, flawless home.
  • Honesty and Integrity. Every high-end custom home builder has a responsibility to be completely transparent in their dealings with clients, and we take this responsibility quite seriously. We will always give you an honest and accurate report of spending and your budget will always be respected. We’ll ensure that you know exactly where your money is being spent and we will inform you of any issues or changes throughout the construction phase of your build that affects our progress or your design decisions.

What is a Luxury Home?

Luxury homes differ from ordinary home sin a few ways, and every luxury home shares these characteristics:

  1. Prime Location. Anyone even remotely involved in real-estate has heard the term “location, location, location,” and for a good reason. It’s pretty difficult to find a high-end home in the middle of a city or subdivision since this land is usually not prime real estate. You’re much more likely to find high-end homes on a beach front, overlooking a forest, or out in the countryside where the land is more desirable. 
  2. Greater Square Footage. Size matters a great deal when it comes to high-end houses. Square footage directly correlates to luxury, and high-end homes often feature extra rooms, larger spaces such as extravagant entryways and several stories, etc.
  3. Premium Materials. Quality is incredibly important when it comes to high-end residences. High-end custom homes only feature the best materials on the market including Italian marble countertops, spiraling staircases, decorative mantlepieces, and top-of-the-line appliances.
  4. Unique Designs. The easiest way to differentiate between a regular home and a high-end home is the wow-factor. Stylistic architecture that makes a statement is the real ticket for high-end homes. They stand out and are vastly different from the typical cookie-cutter houses dominating most subdivisions across North America.
  5. Decadence. High-end homes often feature decadent amenities and features that regular homes never have. Things like indoor pools, rock-climbing walls, home theatres, gyms, and tennis courts are all extras that many high-end homes possess to set them apart. Other luxury amenities including arcade rooms, extra-large bathrooms, and advanced appliances are usually present in luxury homes as well.
  6. Price. Of course, high-end homes cost significantly more than the standard single-family home. Thanks to the larger square footage and higher-quality fixtures, appliances, and surfaces, high-end homes require a larger budget and eventually sell for significantly more. Since luxury homes are unique and extremely sought-after residences, if you ever chose to sell the property, you’d most likely receive an excellent return on your investment as well.

Custom luxury homes require a talented group of designers, architects, and builders to pull it all together. They are much more complicated homes that demand a greater skill set since these homes don’t often feature the usual styles or materials that are common on other homes.

Since we specialize in custom luxury homes, we are the ideal choice for when you decide to buy custom luxury house builder services in BC. With a focus on quality, value, and individuality, we’ll build you the perfect home after we design the perfect home, just for you.

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