Construction Custom Homes

Construction Custom Homes

Are you ready to begin construction on a custom home? That’s so exciting! The next step is to find a contractor experienced in construction of custom homes. Oh wait, that’s us! Job well done.

We are a full-service, comprehensive custom home builder and will take care of every stage of the construction project, from grading the land to putting the final brick in place. Our expertise regarding construction of custom homes is unmatched, and we’ve established proven processes to make the entire project stress-free and exciting for you.

Our project managers will communicate with you every step of the way and will oversee every phase of construction to ensure that it remains on schedule and on budget. We’ve completed construction on hundreds of custom homes and will use every bit of our experience to make yours the best home yet.

You’ve chosen the right people for the job, and we’ll prove it by building you an award-winning custom home from the ground up. Our commitment to excellence remains unbeatable by the competition, and it will serve you well through every stage of construction on your custom home. No challenge or unexpected situation will stop us from delivering on our promises, and you’ll soon have the home of your dreams ready to make memories in.

Our Process for Construction on Custom Homes

Custom homes are a bit different than pre-modeled homes, but the process for construction is virtually the same.

  1. Development. The first step of construction on custom homes is preparing the land site. Once permits and zoning is in order, we look after utility hookups, sewer system connection, grading, and removal of obstacles from the land. We’ll then prep the land for construction and begin excavation.
  2. General Contractor Duties. When building a new home, there are roughly 22 contractors and tradesmen required for the job. This includes plumbers, electricians, roofers, carpenters, excavators, framers, cabinetry, countertops, drywallers, painters, and a bunch more. We’ll arrange all of these tradesmen for you and set up the schedule for all of these moving parts and oversee quality control and regular inspections as needed.
  3. Interior Design. This stage is definitely the most exciting part of the process for you, the homeowner. Our interior designers will help you choose all of your exterior and interior materials, features, and fixtures while the first part of the process is ongoing. You’ll make decision about everything from paint colours to flooring types to countertops and appliances.
  4. Sub-contractors and Tradesmen. This is the stage in which your new custom home really starts to come together. We’ll oversee all of the work performed by sub-contractors and will provide quality checks along the way to ensure that everything is up to code and safely built. We’ll also tackle the landscaping during this phase to extend your living space to your back and front yards according to your specifications and requests.
  5. Inspections and Final Approval. In this final stage, your home will be inspected to ensure everything is installed properly and that your home is safe and up to code. Once your home is signed off on, we’ll add the finishing touches and bring you in for final approval before we hand over the keys.

Why Choose Us for Construction on Custom Homes

  • Budget Management. Your budget will hover over every single choice you have to make during the design and construction stages of your custom build. We’ll discuss all costs up front before we begin construction so you know exactly what you’re signing up for before we break ground. We’ll help you determine a budget that is comfortable for you yet gives you everything you want in your new home. We’ll use our expertise to provide the greatest value possible while ensuring you don’t go overbudget on last-minute changes that arise during construction.
  • Single Source of Accountability. Managing dozens of different people and tasks will quickly become overwhelming for the inexperienced. However, by using our services, you don’t have to worry about any of that! We hire and organize every sub-contractor and tradesmen for you to streamline the process and give you a single point of communication rather than a dozen. We oversee everyone on the job site and ensure an efficient work ethic and timely completion of your project. This way, you know exactly who to go to in case something changes, you have questions, or you want to schedule a walk through.
  • Efficiency. Our processes allow you to achieve a faster completion rate compared to others. Since you don’t have to spend time searching, hiring, and scheduling individual sub-contractors for your project, the entire build is streamlined and efficient. Construction will begin faster since we’re part of the design process as well, so any potential setbacks are discovered early and quickly solved so there are no delays.
  • Quality Control. We take quality workmanship extremely seriously and we will make sure that everyone who comes in to work on your home adheres to the same standards we set for ourselves. All communication will go through us, and since someone you trust is handling the project for you, you’ll feel confident that your home is in the right hands. We’ll approve every minor detail as tasks are completed before the next stage can begin, and we guarantee that your home will be constructed using the highest quality materials available, following all building codes and regulations, by experienced and skilled industry experts.

Choosing us to handle your home build is the only natural and sane course of action. We’ve handled construction on custom homes for years and always keep your best interests in mind. You won’t regret trusting us with your custom home build, and we’ll help you get living in your dream home faster than you thought possible.

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