Home Designer Victoria

Home Designer Victoria

Are you ready to build the home of your dreams? Fantastic! The first step is finding a home designer Victoria, and you’ve accomplished that already by visiting us today! The most exciting part of the new home journey, in our opinion, is designing your home. We’ll ask your opinion on every single aspect of your home, from layout to colour scheme to kitchen design.

Our expert designers and architects will spend hours with you to deliver the perfect design for your new home. We are an award-winning home design company that will take your every suggestion into account when designing your home. We tackle any size project from kitchen remodel to new custom home builds.

We have honed our skills and perfected our craft over several decades and continue to reach higher standards for home design in Victoria. Feel free to view our extensive portfolio and see for yourself the quality we deliver to every client.

Why Choose Us As Your Home Designer Victoria

  1. We won’t rush you. Designing a home can be a lengthy process because we won’t move forward with the build until you’re absolutely sure you love it and won’t change your mind about what you’ve chosen. We’ll keep making changes until you are positive that our design matches your vision.
  2. We’re experienced. We have worked on hundreds of home design projects over the years and continue to strive for better techniques, processes, and customer satisfaction. Our years of experience give us an edge over other design companies that have not faced and overcome the same challenges and technical issues that nearly always come with designing a home. Our experience has also allowed us to build useful and dependable systems that allow us to successfully and effectively manage your project from start to finish.
  3. We design AND we build. When you use our home design services, we’re with you from first drafts all the way to the final unveiling of your new kitchen, addition, or brand-new home. Our project managers will stay in contact with you every week and will oversee every stage of the design and build process so that everything goes according to plan and there are no communication issues between contractors, tradesmen, and you.
  4. Value and Quality. As a top home designer Victoria, we have the expertise to give you everything you want at a reasonable budget. We’ll help you get the absolutely most for your money so you come home to a house that steals your breath away every time you walk through the door.
  5. Simplified Process. For any type of home construction project, permitting and inspections are a usual headache for homeowners. They can be pretty confusing and frustrating, but when you choose us as your home designer Victoria, we’ll handle all of the minor details so you can focus on designing the perfect home. We want you to be excited about your design project, so we’ll take care of everything for you.

What We Do

Home design can mean many things to different people, but we offer comprehensive home design services to our Victoria clients. Our services include building design, interior design, landscape design, and architectural drawings.

Building Design

The exterior of your home is equally important as the interior. It is responsible for presenting your unique image and lifestyle to the world, and it sets the tone for the interior of your home. If you want to make or statement or develop a unique and personal style, we’ll help you do that. We’ll worry about building codes, principles of design, and lot size challenges so all you have to worry about is choosing colours, features, and materials.

  • Building design
  • Analysis of building codes and zoning by-laws
  • Building permit application process
  • Project documentation and drawings
  • Materials selection

Interior Design

The interior of your home is just as important as the outer structure. The right layout and functional design are dependent on your lifestyle, and we’ll discover exactly what you need from your home before we begin the design process. We will maximize your space, suggest unique and interesting design features and details, create the necessary amount of storage, and furnishings. Our designers will consult with you regarding space requirements, overall vision, budget, and finishes to ensure that you get everything you want.

Our deliverable includes sketches and drawings of floor plans with every necessary detail, perspective, elevation, and colour so you can easily visualize your space.

  • Design concept
  • Space planning
  • Lighting Plan and Specifications
  • Millwork drawings
  • Materials selection

Landscape Design

Landscape design shouldn’t be an afterthought using the crumbs of your budget. We believe that your landscaping should be an extension of your home rather than a separate entity altogether. We’ll design a beautiful outdoor space that ties the entire property together. Our expert designers will integrate flora and fauna with your home’s architecture and create a space that works for your lifestyle, budget, and preferred maintenance requirements. We’ll incorporate this space into the overall budget so that you won’t have to make sacrifices.

  • Extended living space to the exterior
  • Pools, gardens, foliage, etc.

All of our services include the use of 3D-modelling that leaves no detail unattended.

Your Top Home Designer Victoria

We look forward to helping you design the home of your dreams. Our expert designers have worked on hundreds of projects and are prepared to cater to your every whim and desire. No space or request is too challenging, and we’ll take the time to get to know you so that we can deliver a design concept that speaks to you and reflects your personality and lifestyle. Your home is your sanctuary, and we want you to love it. Our home design services are affordable and professionally delivered so that you can enjoy the entire process, truly engage in the designing of your home, and feel valued, respected, and listened to. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we’ll do everything we can to give you everything you want. Call us today to get started on your vision!

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