Modern Home Magazine Victoria BC

Modern Home Magazine Victoria BC

Modern homes are beautiful properties with a lot of desirable features, and some particularly spectacular houses even get featured in Modern Home Magazine Victoria BC. If you’re interested in building an amazing modern home, you need to know what makes a modern home a modern home as well as why they’re so popular.

The first step is finding a trustworthy and talented modern home builder that understands how to incorporate all of the elements of a modern home into a functional and unique space. We’re an award-winning modern home builder, so you’ve accomplished that task already.

Modern homes are a great home style choice with a variety of design features that make them desirable to nearly every lifestyle. They follow industry trends and are consistently updated to reflect the newest styles and most highly sought-after features.

What Makes a Modern Home a Great Modern Home?

There are dozens of characteristics that define a modern home, but these are the most common features of modern homes in Victoria BC.

  1. Open Concept. This is one of the biggest identifiers of a modern home. Nearly every older home has segregated rooms and lots of walls and closed in spaces. Modern homes go the opposite way and reject any unnecessary walls in the common areas of the home. Homes are one big open space with the exception of bathrooms and bedrooms. Your kitchen, living area, and dining room will all be part of one large open space.
  2. Updated Kitchen. Modern homes almost always feature an upgraded and functional kitchen space with fancier appliances and higher-end counters, cabinets, and fixtures. Modern kitchens look like they’ve been copied straight from Modern Home Magazine and appear expensive and stylish. They usually feature a larger fridge, kitchen island, dual sinks, and upgraded lighting.
  3. Presence of Technology. Technology is being used in the home more and more over recent years, and a reliable marker of a modern home is the use of technology in a variety of placed including advanced appliances, smart devices, security systems, electric fireplaces, and more.
  4. Storage. Modern homes are often extremely functional spaces and have more than enough storage in all areas of your home. You’ll have extra space in the kitchen, bigger closets in the bedrooms, and built-in storage in the bathroom. Since modern homes are often bigger than older homes, there’s more room to add your own shelving or storage units if you wanted as well.
  5. Separate Laundry Space. A separate laundry space is becoming wildly popular and is featured in all new modern homes in Victoria BC. Rather than shoving the washing machine and dryer in a corner of the basement or other nonchalant area, a modern home will have a beautiful and functional laundry space with storage and upgraded laundry units.
  6. Entertainment. The design and layout of modern homes has a greater focus on entertainment than older homes and other styles. They often feature additional rooms for entertainment such as a game room or multiple living spaces on separate floors of the home. Higher-end modern homes may even have a home theatre or arcade room built into the home. Modern homes also extend the functional living space to the outdoors and often have an entertainment area built into the landscaping of the home.

All of these features must be present in any popular modern home, and if your home is built with these characteristics in mind, you’ll have a modern home similar to those in Modern Home Magazine Victoria BC edition. Wouldn’t that be cool to tell people?

Why Choose a Modern Home

  • Energy Efficiency. Since modern homes are built with newer materials and technologies, you’ll save on water, energy, and power every month. Energy efficiency is a basic feature of every modern home with better roofing, better insulation, better windows, and more.
  • Environmental Friendless. Building green is a key component of any modern home, and you’ll often find evidence of that initiative all over your home. Modern homes are commonly built using recycled materials low flow faucets, toilets, shower heads, and other environmentally friendly technologies. Modern homes go one step further and rely on natural lighting with limited artificial light to help the planet.
  • Utilization of Space. Modern homes are known for being incredibly functional since they are designed to maximize your space, make the most out of every square foot, and prioritize functional efficiency. Tall ceilings and wide hallways are common structural elements of modern homes to create a natural flow through the home. Most modern home designs also transform the backyard into another functional living space.
  • Customizability. The great thing about modern homes is the ability to personalize your space and truly make it yours. Since the floor plan is so open, you can often rearrange your dining area and living room interchangeably, add more storage, and grow your family without having to renovate or move. Plus, the exterior of modern homes is often much different from its neighbor, so you get personalization on the inside and out.
  • Modern Aesthetics. Modern homes are known for interesting architecture and unique designs since the visual appeal of the home is much more important to buyers today than buyers of old. Modern homes use simplistic but elegant designs with a focus on natural light, clean lines, and wood and stone features to draw the eye. Modern homes often appear to be higher-end simply because of the aesthetic, even if they don’t cost much more than another type of home.
  • Minimal Maintenance. One of the biggest draws of modern homes is the use of new technologies, appliances, and systems in the home. Everything in the home is usually new and reliable, so you won’t have to worry about breakdowns, failures, or inefficiencies for many years to come. With regular upkeep and preventative maintenance, you’ll be able to go a long time without having to deal with expensive repairs or operational defects.

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