New Homes in Victoria BC

New Homes in Victoria BC

Are you interested in new homes in Victoria BC? That’s quite convenient considering we’re a top new home builder located in Victoria BC. If you see the light and want a new home custom built for you and your family, you’ve chosen the right people for the job. We’ve completed hundreds of custom home projects over the years and would be positively delighted to make you another happy customer!

Each new build is handled professionally by our project managers, and you’ll work with some of the top people in the industry during the course of designing and building your new home. Every build is planned and orchestrated with a focus on quality workmanship, personal design, and long-lasting architectural and structural integrity.

Our commitment to excellence should leave you confident that your new home is in safe hands, and our experienced team of architects, interior designers, and contractors will work hard to make your dream a reality. If that’s not enough, it is our guarantee that you will have the home you’ve always dreamed of, in your dream location, within the budget you’ve set. Convinced?

What’s Better About New Homes in Victoria BC

There are dozens of reasons that a new home is better than an old one, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 4 compelling reasons to build new rather than buy old.

  • Customization and Personalization. When you buy an old home, you’re stuck with the layout and finishes the old owners chose. Unless you want spend thousands to redo it, why settle for less than what you’ve always wanted? When you build a new home, you get to choose every single element of your new home. Want a wrap-around porch or an inground pool? You got it. Everything can be customized to your tastes and lifestyle, and you don’t have to compromise on anything.
  • Innovation. The home building industry is constantly undergoing innovations to improve building and energy technologies. Building a new home allows you to take advantage of energy-efficient technologies such as solar panels, recycled products, better windows and roofing, and more. A new home benefits from decades of innovation in the industry and will be better built, more energy efficient, and more environmentally-conscious.
  • Modern Appliances and Home Equipment. Have you ever moved into an older home only to discover too late that the washing machine sucks, the hot water tank leaks, the stove only has 2 working burners, and the air conditioning is weak at best? When you build a new home, everything in your home is brand new. That means no repairs, no breakdowns, and no inefficient operation for years to come. Plus, you can choose higher-end appliances with new smart technologies that didn’t exist before.
  • Location, Location, Location. We’ll say it once more, location! Did we forget to mention that when you build a new home, you get to choose the land we build on! What could be more fun than choosing a plot of land to call your own? You can choose to be in the city or out in the countryside, be near a lake or surrounded by trees or have miles between you and your nearest neighbor.

What To Look For When Looking at Builders for New Homes in Victoria BC

So, that all sounds fantastic, but how do you find the right builder for the job? There are a few things to look for to give you confidence that you’ve chosen a quality, reputable builder that specializes in new homes in Victoria BC.

  1. Certifications. A good builder is a knowledgeable builder, so look for a company that chases outside certifications, takes trainings and courses on new products or technologies, and who shows a genuine interest in improving their processes and expanding their expertise. Building a home from scratch is no small feat, and your builder should be able to demonstrate their knowledge with certifications and prove that they know what the heck they’re doing.
  2. Previous Clients. The easiest way to get to know a builder is through their past clients. If previous clients have nothing good to say about the builder you’re considering, that’s a huge red flag that’s been set on fire and is surrounded by poisonous snakes. Stay away! Companies with a slew of happy and satisfied clients and an arsenal of positive reviews are a strong indicator of quality labour and a positive experience. If you can, go visit one or two past builds completed by the builder to see for yourself what they’re capable of, and the level of quality you can expect.
  3. Progress Reports and Home Tours. A reputable trustworthy builder will always encourage you to visit your home-in-progress and see how things are coming together during every stage of construction. if a builder is hesitant to give you a tour, they probably have something to hide. Always ask a potential builder up front about their process and make sure that they will keep you updated on all developments or issues regarding your home.
  4. Honesty and Integrity. It goes without saying that a new home build is an extensive and expensive process. The right builder will be transparent and upfront about all costs, issues, and concerns and will be proactive in their communication with you throughout the build. You should be able to ask questions and receive straight answers regarding the progress of the home, the state of the budget, and the construction schedule.
  5. High Standards. Your builder should put an enormous effort into your home. They should take pride in their work and be excited to show you how well things are coming together. If a builder is willing to take shortcuts or use lower-quality materials to get the job done faster or cheaper, they are not the builder you want to hire.

The short way of going about this search is to just choose us! We tick every “good builder” box and have hundreds of happy clients who have had an amazing experience with us. Whether you’re just beginning your search or have spent weeks trying to find a great builder that specialized in new homes in Victoria BC, you can end your search now and give us a call!

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