What is a Custom Home Builder

What is a Custom Home Builder

A custom home builder is a general contractor who constructs a personalized and individually designed home. They work with unique projects and are involved with the planning, designing, building, and management of your custom home.

A custom home builder is similar to a regular home builder in that they must understand how homes are built, be excellent project managers, and can hire and coordinate a dozen or more contractors to form a cohesive team to build a quality home. They will also analyze the build site to approve the property for the build and determine landscaping requirements, erosion control, and ensure compliance with zoning regulations, environmental restrictions, and municipal laws. Your custom home builder will also navigate the complicated permitting process as well as research and understand local building codes that govern everything from building and fire safety to electrical and plumbing standards.

Custom home builders perform a number of duties in a variety of roles. They act as schedulers and record keepers to keep construction moving along with the set timeline and plan regular inspections. They act as designers and landscapers to bring the home together according to your vision. They act as managers and supervises hiring sub-contractors and overseeing every job on site. They act as coordinators to arrange material delivery, regular site cleanup, and contractor schedules. Custom home builders wear a dozen different hats throughout the course of building a home, and they must be excellent project managers and outstanding organizers to wear them well.

Why Work With a Custom Home Builder Rather Than a Regular Home Builder

When building a custom home, there are many different avenues you can take to reach the same end result.

  • Budget Allocation and Implementation. The driving factor behind every decision you make during your custom home build is your budget. An experienced custom home builder will know how to allocate funds to maximize spending and increase the value you get for your money. They also understand how to choose the right cost-effective materials for your home and will ensure you can put everything you want in your home without going over-budget. Custom home builders can also usually get discounts on materials or sub-contractors thanks to their numerous industry contacts, which will allow you to allocate more of your budget toward aesthetics and furnishings.
  • Efficient Project Management. A custom home builder has a lot of experience coordinating a variety of different people and organizing them to work toward a common goal. Rather than handle a dozen different contractors and their schedules and rates, a custom home builder will act as a project manager and take care of all of that for you, directing and supervising to ensure cohesion throughout the project. This teamwork allows the project to proceed efficiently.
  • Time Saved. A custom home build usually takes between 3 to 6 months to complete, but hiring a custom home builder can help the project pick up speed since you won’t have to spend a month or more during the bidding process. Instead, get straight to work with a custom home builder. On another note, a custom home builder allows you to jump straight from finalizing your home’s design to beginning construction with no delays. You won’t have to spend time hiring subcontractors or any other team members since your custom home builder already has all of the necessary contacts, and this will all be arranged before you finish with the designers.
  • Better Communication. A custom home builder makes communication about your custom home so much easier. Rather than trying to communicate with 20 different people all the time, you only speak to your project manager who can then discuss things with the rest of the team. This way, nothing gets lost in the organized chaos of the build and you won’t have to repeat yourself a hundred times. There will also be greater communication between sub-contractors since they will all report to your custom home builder rather than an individual supervisor.
  • Quality. An experienced custom home builder can make all the difference in the world in terms of a quality build. They have the expertise and experience to overcome a variety of challenges associated with custom home building, and they’re used to managing a diverse group of people performing a dozen different tasks at once. They know how to navigate permits and regulations and can take care of every little detail. An experienced custom home builder is the key to a great experience and a beautiful home.

What we’re really trying to say is a custom home builder is your partner through your custom build. You’re a homeowner, not a builder, and you have absolutely no clue how to plan or follow through on a custom build project. But you don’t have to! Your only job is knowing what you want, and telling us how much we can spend to make it happen.

It is the builder’s job to walk you through every stage of the home building project and make sure that what they build is what you imagine in your head. They are capable of bringing your dream to life and making it even more spectacular than you imagined. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

We want to be your custom home builder. We dedicate ourselves to delivering exceptional custom home building services and we are committed to outdoing ourselves at every opportunity. If you want to make your life a whole lot easier, let us handle your custom home build for you. We’ll be expecting your call!

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