Your Custom Home

Your Custom Home

Have you ever considered building a home? Have you thought out every design decision for your custom home in the hopes that one day you could make it a reality? We don’t blame you. A custom home is a unique and personalized house built to your exact tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. The best part of building a custom home is that you get to work with a designer and a builder to bring your vision to life. No other home will ever match your preferences 100%, but a custom home will.

You’ve most likely never built a custom home before, but they differ from spec homes in a few ways. Spec homes are always financed by the builder and you don’t have much say over the design and materials in a spec home. If you purchase a home in a new development, you might get a couple of choices, but overall, you don’t have much control over the layout or design elements of the home. Spec homes are usually designed with a certain buyer in mind such as a young family or an individual professional or a bachelor. Spec homes usually don’t have any personalizing since the builder wants these homes to appeal to hundreds of different buyers.

Custom homes are the exact opposite. The only person that the builder wants to impress is you. You get to choose the layout, the size, the location, the appliances, the colours, the style, the countertops, the light fixtures, the flooring, the baseboards, everything. Custom homes are also fully bank-rolled by you. You are responsible for construction costs including materials and labour, land purchase, design and architecture costs, landscaping costs, and more.

Choosing the right builder is crucial for your custom home since you need someone you trust and who is experienced in building custom homes. Even though it will be a large expense, there are so many benefits that make it worth the time and effort that goes into it.

So, What Are the Benefits of Your Custom Home?

  1. You Pick the Location. Before you build your custom home, you get to hand-pick the land it’s built on. You choose your neighbors, your view, your proximity to the city, and the size of your lot. Most builders will help you through this process to make sure you find a location that is affordable, high-quality, and ideal for your lifestyle.
  2. You Pick the Size. One of the best parts of building a custom home is that you can make it as large or as small as you want. If you’re an empty-nester and don’t need a ton of space, you can design and build a cozy 1200 sq. ft. home. And if you’re just starting your family and want more space, you could opt for a 2500 sq. ft. home. It’s entirely up to you.
  3. The Home Will Fit Your Lifestyle. The best part of building custom is that you can cater to your preferences and lifestyle in all areas. Do you love to entertain? Then add a backyard oasis and an extra entertainment space in the basement. Are you an avid reader? Add a library with a large window seat. Need 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms? Go for it. Everything can be custom designed to suit your needs.
  4. You Control the Quality. When you move into an older spec home, there’s no telling how many people have lived there and how well they’ve maintained the property. Everything might look okay on the surface, but there may be hidden surprises waiting under the floors or on the roof. With your custom home, you can monitor every step of the process and ensure that the home is built up to your standards and that you have a high-quality living space.
  5. You Choose the Materials. When you build custom, you can choose the exterior, the roof type, the flooring in every room, the countertops and cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms, and so much more. You won’t have to make any changes when you move in because everything will already be your design.  
  6. Green Living. When you build a custom home, you can choose to make the home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Things like solar panels, low-flow water features, and higher-end windows will help the environment and save on energy, power, and water costs.
  7. You Set the Budget. If you’ve been looking for a home but the ones you like are out of your price range, you might be better off building custom? You can set your own budget and your builder will help you get your dream home out of that budget.  
  8. Guaranteed Sound Investment. If you buy a home that is a few decades old, there’s no telling how the value or desirability of the home could change, and it might end up being worth less down the line than how much you paid for it. With a custom build done properly, you guarantee that your home will maintain or increase its value over time. If you ever decide to sell it, you’ll have a solid return on your investment.
  9. The Home Will Last. When you build a custom home, everything is brand new, from the flooring to the roof and everything in between. If built properly, your home will stay in good shape for well over 100 years. A reliable contractor will ensure that your home is durable and has an excellent life expectancy so you can stay in that home for as long as you live, and maybe even pass it on to your children.

Build Your Custom Home Today

If you can’t wait to get started on a custom home build, reach out to us today! We’ll guide you through every phase and ensure it turns out perfectly. The waiting game is so last year, so give us a call and let’s get started on making your dream home a reality. It may surprise you how easy it is to get started!

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