Modern Homes Victoria BC

Modern Homes Victoria BC

Modern homes in Victoria BC are incredibly popular, whether they be classic or contemporary modern homes.  Whether you live alone or are part of a family of 6, modern homes are a great way to go when choosing your new house. They have a variety of features and design choices that make them more appealing to many home buyers. Modern homes often follow trends in the industry and are consistently updated to reflect the newest styles.

What Defines a Modern Home?

There are dozens of characteristics that define a modern home, and these are the most common – and easiest to spot – characteristics of modern homes in Victoria BC today.

  1. Open Floor Plan. This is perhaps the biggest identifier of a modern home. Most classic older homes feature a ton of walls and closed in spaces. Each room is usually defined by at least two walls. In modern homes, however, feature minimal walls between rooms and is a large open space.
  2. Updated Kitchen. Modern homes often feature an upgraded, elegant, functional kitchen space that prioritizes efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and higher-end appliances. Kitchens in modern homes are often stylish and look new and expensive. The fridge is usually larger, there may be a kitchen island, dual sinks, or upgraded lighting.
  3. Technology. Technology has had a huge impact on housing in recent years, and every modern home uses upgraded technology in many areas. You’ll notice advanced appliances, devices for lighting and heating such as dimmer lights or electric fireplaces, built-in security systems, and more.
  4. More Storage. Modern homes tend to be bigger than most older homes, and this translates to a lot more storage in every area of your home. You won’t struggle to find a place for everything you own when you purchase or build modern homes in Victoria BC.
  5. Separate Laundry Space. An independent laundry space is a newer trend that’s gained popularity in recent years. Most modern homes feature an area specifically for laundry, rather than including the laundry area in a basement, mud room, or other nonchalant area like we’ve come to expect in older homes. The laundry space in your modern home will be its sole purpose, and will be shut away from the other areas of your home.
  6. Entertainment. An entertainment-friendly home is an important must-have for most home owners and buyers in recent years, so modern homes prioritize entertaining in their layout through extra rooms for entertaining purposes or multiple living spaces. The higher-end modern homes may even have a home theatre or outdoor tennis or basketball court.
  7. Location. One of the most important factors when shopping for a home or building one from scratch is the location. Modern homes tend to be close to the city action near shopping, schools, restaurants, and other city-life amenities. If located in the countryside, modern homes often prioritize a good view and privacy. Whoever way your preferences swing, a modern home often uses location to make itself modern and more valuable.

Why Choose a Modern Home

  • More Comforting. Due to the open floor plan in particular, modern homes are more welcoming and comforting than older homes. Plus, you can be in a separate ‘room’ from your family and still see and talk to them.
  • Energy Efficiency. Every modern home is built and designed with newer materials and technologies that help you save on energy, water, and power bills. Many modern homes are also embracing the ‘go green’ initiative and may have solar panels or other technologies that raise the bar on energy efficiency even further.
  • Environmental Friendliness. Modern homes are often built using recycled and sustainable building materials and water-saving plumbing fixtures such as low-flow shower heads. Modern homes also usually prioritize natural lighting which not only ties in to energy efficiency, but helps the planet too. Modern homes are built with the idea of reducing waste as much as possible in order to protect our planet, and are often the perfect choice for eco-friendly home buyers or builders.
  • Utilization of Space. Modern homes maximize space and prioritize functional efficiency. Structural features such as wide hallways and tall ceilings create open spaces and a natural flow through the home. Modern homes also use the outdoor space to maximum efficiency, extending your living space to the outdoors.
  • Customizability. Since modern homes are more open, you can transform your living spaces to reflect your personality and lifestyle, add more storage, or grow your family without having to update the structure of the home. Modern homes let you truly customize the space to suit your needs. Plus, modern homes don’t often come in the cookie-cutter fashion, and modern plans allow for flexibility and redesign.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design. Modern homes prioritize exterior and interior beauty much more than older homes. They make a statement, draw your eye, and use unique architectural features to stand out and boast luxury. They focus on simplistic but elegant designs with wood or stone features, natural lighting, and clean lines.
  • Minimal Maintenance. Modern homes feature the newest technologies, appliances, and machines so you won’t have to worry about appliance breakdowns or failing fixtures for a long time.

Building Better Modern Homes Victoria BC

If you’re interested in modern homes and want to build a custom modern home, we can help! Modern homes are definitely the way to go for all the reasons mentioned above. We look forward to getting you into the perfect home as quickly as possible. Modern homes are beautiful, functional, and unique to match your style preferences and lifestyle requirements. If you’ve settled on a modern home, there’s no time like the present to get the process started, so give us a call today!

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